Welcome to the Northside Concert Band Website.

The band started some 30 years ago after a number of the parents at Roseville School band complained that the children were so lucky to have a band and they had never had the chance to play when they were young. I offered to start one and provide instruments if they needed them and as you know always said that it was important that they play the instrument they really wanted to play and not just either one their children had or one to fill a hole in the band.

We started in my garage at Castle Cove and called it the Latestarters and as it grew over the years we moved eventually to Roseville Public School ( I was still bandmaster there and had keys to get in and with the new hall they wanted tenants outside school hours).When the standard started to improve and more advanced players wanted more demanding music while at the same time more beginners wanted to join I split the band into Latestarters and Northside Concert Band and for a while also started the Northside Jazz Ensemble ( which I have been trying to get time to recommence) to try and satisfy a whole range of musical tastes and styles.

The whole aim is to provide a good musical experience for all the players and also to play in Festivals and at places like The Concourse, ARV and Carols at Coogee etc so that we share our love of music and enjoyment with others. The bands are both really designed for all ages even though originally it was older parents etc. and I am sure you will appreciate that younger folk are welcome and fit into the happy atmosphere of the groups.
– Ross Cole (Band Master)